Technical Team Triathlon

Current progress

£1000.00 target
£3000.00 raised

This event has raised 300% of its target

A fundraiser by James

  • Mind
  • Guildford
  • 12th September, 2019

Members of the Allianz UK Head Office Technical Team are aiming to raise funds for Mind by completing a team triathlon.

We will be aiming to complete the distance between Allianz UK's Head Office in Guildford and Allianz's global Head Office in Munich, a distance of 703.5 miles.  This will be broken down into a total of 96.9 miles of running to travel from Guildford to Dover, 21 miles of swimming/rowing to represent Dover to Calais, and finally 585.6 miles of cycling from Calais to Munich.

This is a team effort, with individuals setting their own stretching targets to reflect the different challenges we can all face with mental health. Each team member will be contributing a distance that is a challenge for them - ranging from a 10km run to a 100 mile cycle ride.

The work that Mind undertake is vital to support those who are suffering, and for every pound that we raise, Allianz will match it.

£3 could put Mind’s "Find the Words" guidebook in Local GP surgeries, helping people to make the first crucial step of asking their doctor for support.

£8 could answer a call to Mind’s Infoline, providing someone with vital support and information about help in their area

£21 could run Mind’s online peer support community "Elefriends" for an hour, helping people connect with others and feel less alone

For further information on the work that Mind undertake and the support that they can offer you, please visit their website

The Team

Team member Charity Raised
James Redford
Mind £164.21 Sponsor
Joe Roberts
Mind £51.75 Sponsor
Laura Armstrong
Mind £91.75 Sponsor
Katie Pitman
Mind £46.75 Sponsor
Gerry Ross
Mind £386.75 Sponsor
Ben Moore
Mind £191.75 Sponsor
Catherine Dixon
Mind £26.75 Sponsor
Christian Simpson
Mind £30.09 Sponsor
Sophie Thompson
Mind £66.05 Sponsor
Mark Kelly
Mind £251.12 Sponsor
Mark Bedwell
Mind £63.39 Sponsor
Joe Paul
Mind £76.75 Sponsor
Rosie Winter-Fuller
Mind £427.88 Sponsor
Shaun Fagan
Mind £96.75 Sponsor
Peter Morris
Mind £183.75 Sponsor
Lauren Hutchins
Mind £86.75 Sponsor
Matthew Flynn
Mind £76.75 Sponsor
maria Self
Mind £186.75 Sponsor
Harry Hunt
Mind £67.75 Sponsor
Stelios Miltiadou
Mind £206.75 Sponsor
Heidi Shepherd
Mind £121.75 Sponsor
Len Moore
Mind £98.01 Sponsor

Activity Feed

Well Done
Anonymous, 6 months ago
Well done Mark
Anonymous, 7 months ago
Anonymous, 7 months ago
Excellent achievement, we are both very proud of you commitment and endeavour Love Mum and Dad xx
Mum and Dad, 7 months ago
Well done Ben!
Nan, 7 months ago
Well done, this is incredible! x
Ria, 7 months ago
Congratulations on your achievement! Awesome job Rosie
Chris, Jen, Ems, Lo and O, 7 months ago
Well done Ben. Lots of love
Karen and John, 7 months ago
Well done Ben for taking this on.
Dee, 7 months ago



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