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The Association of Air Ambulances Charity (AAAC) works with all 20 regional air ambulance charities in the UK; between them they operate 37 aircraft.

Our corporate donations will go directly to the AAAC, who will distribute the funds equally across the 20 air ambulances. On a local basis, each of our offices is 'paired' with their nearest regional air ambulance - this means your fundraising will be directly supporting life-saving services in your local area.

Our partnership with the AAAC will help these charities carry out more night flights and update equipment (for example allowing for the carriage of blood). These are just two examples of how our fundraising will help expand the service of the AAAC and help give patients the best chance of recovery and rehabilitation.



@mad_marshal Hi Richard, It is a demonstration vehicle kindly provided by BMW for air ambulance charities to potent… https://t.co/lz6tRhyaWi


Trauma missions carried out by air ambulance teams are made up of differing incident types. Some of the largest con… https://t.co/4fUINdR1QM


@emergencyukshow They are still trying to decide who won! #photofinish