Great Western Air Ambulance - John

“I am so thankful to the air ambulance team who intervened just in time.”

December 4th was an exciting day for John. He was starting a new job and was keen to make a good impression. However it was to be the only day he spent there, as he was involved in a serious car crash on his way home.

John was on his way home from work in Wiltshire when he was involved in a collision with another car. He was hit at about 60 miles per hour, and suffered life threatening injuries, including trauma to his abdomen and broken bones.

He was in a serious condition, and needed help fast. Great Western Air Ambulance Charity‘s Critical Care Paramedic Mike Page sped to the scene by car, and was joined by Critical Care Doctor Ed Valentine.

As the incident happened at 6pm we didn’t attend by helicopter. Our helicopter only flies during daylight hours, as it is more expensive and risky to fly at night. We can still get anywhere in our region quickly by car. Once the crew arrived on scene they assessed John and quickly decided on what treatment he needed. Dr Valentine said:

“John was critically injured in a high speed road traffic collision. It was obvious that he had multiple serious injuries and needed urgent treatment. John was barely conscious and his blood pressure was dangerously low. Once we managed to get John out of the car, we anaesthetised him and performed a surgical procedure to release air trapped around his lung.”

The team took John to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, which is the major trauma centre for the region. He spent four weeks in an induced coma, and another three months on the ward. John is now on the mend, and is hoping to go back to work soon. He said:

“I have my good days and I have my bad days, but I am so thankful to the air ambulance team who intervened just in time.”