London's Air Ambulance - Eryka

The green man on traffic lights is the last thing I remember. Then everything went blank,” says Geanina. Her nine year old daughter Eryka was hit by a car overtaking a bus when they were crossing the road together. The car crushed both Eryka’s legs, severely fractured her pelvis and left her with deep cuts to her head. 

We went to mummy’s work in Embankment. The trains weren’t working so we had to take the bus at Canning Town, recalls Eryka. 

The car came out of nowhere and left Eryka bleeding in the middle of the road. She was very badly injured. I fear what could have happened if it wasn’t for London’s Air Ambulance. They came to help so quickly. She would have lost much more blood otherwise,” says Geanina. The doctor and paramedic team from London's Air Ambulance sedated Eryka on scene and treated her leg injuries before escorting her to the hospital with the London Ambulance Service.

Despite the severity of her injuries, Eryka has made a miraculous recovery. Her mother ascribes it as much to Eryka’s determination as to the quick response of emergency services and quality of aftercare: “Eryka had pins put in both her legs two days after her accident at the Royal London Hospital. 24 hours later she was already trying to get back on her feet. It took her an hour and 45 minutes to walk to the bathroom but she did it. And never said she wanted to stop.” 

“It hurt to see Eryka struggling with her injuries. She just wanted to get back to her life, to running around with other children. She had done nothing wrong. This shouldn’t happen to anybody,” says Geanina. 

Today, Eryka is walking again. Not only is she back at school but she is just about to start taking PE classes, something she is really looking forward to.