Wales Air Ambulance - Raymond Murphy

Raymond's Story

In 2007, Wales Air Ambulance was dispatched to Ceredigion, where a farmer was trapped under a trailer and had suffered severe injuries, requiring fast emergency medical treatment.

Raymond Murphy was moving sheep on his farm in Penrhiwllan, near Llandysul, when he was involved in an accident with his trailer, and needed urgent treatment.

After loading his sheep onto a trailer, the breaks failed, and the trailer full of sheep slid down a steep bank and trapped him underneath. The Ceredigion farmer was severely injured, suffering several broken ribs in the incident.

Raymond was trapped, severely injured, and needed help. Luckily, someone who was nearby heard him in trouble, and rang 999.

In the call centre, the team decided that, due to the type of injuries he suffered and the remote nature of the call, the Wales Air Ambulance crew should be dispatched.

Wales Air Ambulance flew Raymond to hospital, flying him to the most suitable care to treat the injuries he had sustained. After receiving treatment, Raymond made a full recovery and was able to return home to his farm.